SpatialReferende missing info causes endless loop in edit toolbar with textsymbol.

Discussion created by SantoP on Apr 28, 2014
Latest reply on May 4, 2014 by SantoP

I have the following situation:
A map with a wkid of 31462 is using the edit toolbar.
When I try to resize a TextSymbol, it freezes. (high cpu usage, no response)

I've tracked it down to this:
In esri/toolbars/_Box.js _deNormalizePoint calls this._map._getFrameWidth() which returns -1.
It then does a loop that continues while Math.abs(...) >= -1, which obviously will never end.
map._getFrameWidth's problem is that it returns -1 if this.spatialReference._getInfo returns null and this.__LOD is not set.
spatialReference._getInfo checks the map spatialReference._info if it contains an entry for the wkid, which does not exist.

So my guess is that I need to add data for the wkid to the spatialReference._info array or add LOD data to the map.
Does anyone know what I might be missing ?
I'm not too deep into gis, and hours of googling did not find me any solution.
I'll try to put together a simple example to show the issue.

On a sidenote, the esri edit toolbar should not freeze the browser when there is no data available for a wkid.