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Exporting Layers to PNG using Python

Question asked by user4321 on Apr 11, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2014 by user4321
Hi guys!

I'm pretty new to python and have a question about an automation i'm trying to achieve. Is it possible to export several layers to a specific file format (the module offers several) using python. For instance if i have two layers in my data frame (a point feature and a line feature) and i want to export these to PNG separately, I would normally turn off one layer and export the other. Then i would repeat the process again for the remaining layer. Hypothetically if I had 20 layers which I wanted to export this way it would be useful if I had the process automated. Is it possible to write a script that does this? I acknowledge the fact this might be comprehensive, but if it is possible then any "kickstarters" of code in the right direction would be appreciated.
Thank you:)