multiple editing temples all need an attribute X changed to Y

Discussion created by dainley on Apr 10, 2014
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I do a ton of editing one of the attributes I need to keep track of is town name.  I often bounce from one town to another which
means changing a each of my templates from town X to town Y... and if i forget i need to go back and edit the features, which can
take a long time as I have lots of features per town.  I also have point line and polygon features which means changing even more
templates...  I think there are two solutions, I would rather the first one though the second one might be easier right now.

1. Is there a way to change all of my template's attributes from one town to another, for example if i am working in town X and
switch to town Y, I want to be able to change 10 templates from  town X to Town Y.  I would really rather this work than the
model builder idea below...

2. Is there a way to link a an attribute such as town name to data like town name and polygons representing each town so that this
attribute is automatically updated based on the town that the feature falls in.  I know I could do this with an automated join by location.... has anyone made this model/ tool yet?