New SDE Features don't store Field Values

Discussion created by StainlessSteelDream on Apr 9, 2014
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Hi All,

I've got an odd problem.    We recently switched from ArcSDE 9.3 services to ArcSDE 10.2using direct connection.  (SQL Server 2008)

Now I have a couple of databases that I cannot create new features in.

In code, when I create a new feature,  set_Value the items and do a Store()  in the SDE geodatabase all the field values are null.  The shape contents are fine.   However for existing features I can set_Value and Store()  and the altered values are fine.

I'm using code to transfer data from a personal geodatabase to the SDE;   I have two SDE servers on one of them the Create/Store works fine... on the other it only stores the NULL  values.

Any ideas on what to look at on the server that might be causing this problem?