Align One feature to Another feature.

04-16-2014 12:14 PM
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Hi all,
Please help me

              I have Road Edge polygon Feature class(3000 features), when I was editing this layer accidentally moved  0.027202 Meters, I saved the edits without knowing this movement. i have the correct copy of this feature class, how to align the edited feature class to the correct feature class. which tool is suitable to solve this problem.
(sorry 4 my English 🙂 )
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Option 1). Can you copy the old polyline to the new layer? (edit the new layer, set old layer as only selectable, select the old polyline, copy, paste). Then edit the new version of the polyline that is incorrect to trim away the incorrect parts. Then select both and merge them.

Option 2). Bring both layers in. Edit the new layer and use the reshape feature tool using the trace tool to reshape the erroneous parts of the feature to match the old correct parts.

Option 3). Put old and new versions in a geodatabase and use the topology tools. Easy if you know how...
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Hello Muhammed,

The first thing you need to do is change the "Sticky move tolerance". This will hopefully prevent you from making the same mistake in the future.

How the "Sticky move tolerance" works: when you select a feature during a edit session and try to move it, you will have to move it at least X pixels before it actually moves (where X is the Sticky move tolerance). Having a high Sticky move tolerance should prevent you from accidentally moving a feature.

Setting the Sticky move tolerance:

  1. Make sure the Editor toolbar is on (Customize > Toolbars > Editor)

  2. On the Editor toolbar, use the "Editor" drop down and select "Options"

  3. Under the "General" tab, set "Sticky move tolerance" to a big number (I use 200)

In terms of Aligning your features there are many options. If possible I would just start over because who knows how many times you accidentally moved road segments. These small topological errors can cause a lot of problems further along in your project (I speak from experience). If it is not possible to start from a clean file, you could try using the snapping tool.
To turn on snapping:

  1. Make sure the Editor toolbar is on (Customize > Toolbars > Editor)

  2. On the Editor toolbar, use the "Editor" drop down and select "Snapping" then turn on the "Snapping toolbar"

  3. On the Snapping toolbar, use the "Snapping" drop down and select "Use Snapping"

With snapping you should be able to move your road segments and 'snap' then back into place.
*Keep in mind you might have to move the feature a lot before it starts moving around (due to the high Sticky move tolerance)

Let me know how it works!

PS. Your English is good. Let me know if you'd let me to explain anything in a different way.
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