entering >255 characters in a field

Discussion created by MaryCoyne on Apr 8, 2014
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I have set up a feature class in ArcGIS 10.2 and I have data in Excel 2007 to upload into the feature class.
It seems to work fine except for one feature.  The Excel file has a Comments column that has up to 900 characters in it.  this is important information that I need to keep in the feature.  everything loads except the Comments column.  It is characterized as a BLOB and is not imported.   As I understand it each file in a file database should be able to handle that many characters.  How do I get that information into my feature class?

I have tried a csv file, a dbf file (used Excel 2003), importing to ArcMap first then to a feature class (lose about 3 columns of data), an Access file (was blocked by another OLE problem that I already posted).  Was looking for a way to parse into 4 smaller columns but couldn't figure out how to merge them when in the feature class. 

Appreciate any help.