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Set Map Extent with layers with different wkid

Question asked by bridgji on Apr 8, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2014 by bridgji
I have a map with a spatial reference of 102748 (2285) and want to use as a background layer. This map has a wkid of 4326  (4326) .

Once I've added them I want to zoom to my map with the wkid 4326.

I'm adding the layers   map.addLayers([backgroundMapLayer, LinkedMap]); //      map.addLayers([102748 , 4326]);

What should I be using to the map extent. I've tried using the linkedMap full exent min/max xy coordinate and wkid of 102746.
I've also tried to set it to background min/max xy coordinate and wkid of 4326
I've then tried to zoom the map and get the whole world ( I can manually zoom and center and see my map layer over the base map in the correct place) or 0,0 off of Africa.

If someone could explain to me what I should be setting my initial map extent so when I run  map.setZoom or   map.centerAndZoom(map.getLayer("baseLayer").fullExtent.getCenter(), 5) it zooms to where my map I'd appreciate it.

I'm believe I'm missing how I reconcile the different wkid.