Getting ready for the new ArcGIS Runtime SDK for the Microsoft .NET Framework

Discussion created by MBranscomb-esristaff Employee on Apr 6, 2014
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Last summer we announced in this blog post we were working on a new SDK called ArcGIS Runtime SDK for the Microsoft .NET Framework. This SDK would take all our experience building APIs and SDKs for the Windows desktop, Windows Phone and Windows Store app platforms, and bring them together in one SDK. Since the announcement, we know many of you have been thinking about code and skills you have developed with the existing ArcGIS Runtime SDK for WPF and asking how you can best plan for a transition to the Windows Desktop API included with the new .NET SDK.

[URL=http://blogs.esri.com/esri/arcgis/2014/03/07/getting-ready-for-the-new-net-sdk/]This blog post[/URL] will help you prepare for the arrival of the new SDK by providing tips you can follow today in the current WPF SDK.