Adding a link and image to an AGOL template footer

Discussion created by crile60 on Apr 1, 2014
Hi all -

I'm using an AGOL template to develop a web application using the Legend template. The template provides a footer that I'd like to insert a logo image and a link into but it's not entirely clear to me how to do this (or even if I can). The \config\default.js file allows for a "footer_text" variable which then gets used as "footerText" in \js\main.js within a footer section (quoted below). I've tried various ways of inserting HTML text between the span tag but to no avail. Has anyone got any suggestion on how to make this work?

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from \js\main.js:

   //add a footer
    var footerText = (this.config.footer_text) ? this.config.footer_text : null;
        var footerContent = "<span>" + footerText + "</span>";
       this._addContentPane("footer", "bottom", footerContent, null);

The most recent things I've tried have been:

In default.js either:
"footer_logo_url": "<IMG SRC="http://url/images/Logo.jpg">",


"footer_logo_url": "http://url/images/Logo.jpg",

along with this in the main.js footer section:
var footerContent = "<span>" + footerText + " " + footerLogoURL + "</span>";

I can insert new text in a similar way but not an image (and I haven't even tried including a hyperlink).

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