Automatically summarize area of polygons within polygon

Discussion created by jibbh on Mar 28, 2014
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I read similair questions but I couldnt figure out the answer yet..

What I have:
-A fire polygon set with information about each year and the area
-A second polygon set consisting of a lot of small polygons

I did an identity overlay to get the fires per small polygon. Then I created new layers for each year. Now I have the fire polygons
for all years needed per small polygon

What I want:
I need to calculate the area of the fires for every small polygon (per year).

I know how to do this manually (select all fires in small polygon and go to summarize area) but since I have a lot of small polygons I need to do this automatically. Any suggestions on how to do this?
I read about the Geospatial Environment Model option (but I cannot make it work) and about the Hawths Analysis tool which unfortunately is not available for ArcGIS10 anymore.

Thanks for the help and suggestions!!