Resizing ESRI map issue, WebSphere Portal

Discussion created by tomg52 on Jul 19, 2010

We are trying to integrate an ESRI map as a portlet in WebSphere Portal.
We are using the online JavaScript API, version 1.5.

I've created a new page with a 2-column layout, using the "Portal" theme.
However, when I place the map portlet in one of the columns, it loads in about half the size of the container. The Portlet (and the container div) is 400 pixels wide, but the map is only 211 pixels wide, and sticks to the left. So, half of the portlet is in fact empty.
I have tried calling map.resize(), but it enlarges both the map AND the container div. Therefore, after resizing, there is still an empty space inside the portlet...

Is there a way to make the map fill the entire container?

Thanks for the help,