Error in adding RapidEye Rasters to a Mosaic Dataset

Discussion created by vfranca on Mar 12, 2014
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Our company has acquired a huge collection of RapidEye imagery. To maximize it's use inside the organization, we intend to create image services based on mosaic datasets.
So, I've been attempting to create raster mosaics in a file geodatabase using ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2.1 (Advanced) in a Windows 7 64 bits workstation. After creating the geodatabase and the mosaic dataset using "RAPIDEYE_5BANDS" product definition and "16_BITS_UNSIGNED" as pixel type, I've been getting successive error messages in attempting to add rasters. Using the "Add Rasters to Mosaic Dataset" tool, filled with defaults "RapidEye" Raster Type and "*metadata.XML" as Input Data Filter, I get the following error messages:

Executing: AddRastersToMosaicDataset E:\Acervo\RapidEye.gdb\Acervo_2012 RapidEye \\??????????\?\??????\2011\????????\???????\FUSO_18S UPDATE_CELL_SIZES UPDATE_BOUNDARY NO_OVERVIEWS # 0 1500 # *metadata.xml SUBFOLDERS EXCLUDE_DUPLICATES NO_PYRAMIDS NO_STATISTICS NO_THUMBNAILS # NO_FORCE_SPATIAL_REFERENCE
Start Time: Wed Mar 12 14:05:57 2014
2014-03-12T14:05:57.827: Loading raster datasets
2014-03-12T14:06:05.451: Completed crawling 163 data source items. Added 163 mosaic dataset items.
2014-03-12T14:06:05.452: Synchronizing crawled data source items
2014-03-12T14:06:05.477: Synchronizing items associated with raster type instance 'RapidEye' [ID: 1].
2014-03-12T14:06:05.481: Preparing distribution of mosaic dataset operation across 8 parallel instances.
2014-03-12T14:06:10.680: Error: 8004206c: Failures reported while processing specified command item. [1]
2014-03-12T14:06:10.681: Error: 80042019: Chained Error ID: oX80042019
2014-03-12T14:06:10.681: Error: 80042019: Could not build mosaic dataset item. [ID: 1, URI: '\\????????????\?\??????????\?????\???????????????????\?????????\1834427_2011-08-24T161311_RE1_3A-NAC_11049742_149122\1834427_2011-08-24T161311_RE1_3A-NAC_11049742_149122_metadata.xml']
2014-03-12T14:06:10.682: Error: 8004203f: Could not open source as a raster dataset. [\\????????????\?\??????????\?????\???????????????????\?????????\1834427_2011-08-24T161311_RE1_3A-NAC_11049742_149122\2011-08-24T161311_RE1_3A-NAC_11049742_149122.tif]
2014-03-12T14:06:10.682: Error: 80040213: Failed to open raster dataset
2014-03-12T14:06:10.683: Error: 8004206c: Failures reported while processing specified command item. [2]
2014-03-12T14:06:10.685: Error: 80040213: Failed to open raster dataset......
2014-03-12T14:06:11.034: Error: 8004205e: 163 mosaic dataset items could not be built.
2014-03-12T14:06:11.035: Removing broken mosaic dataset items.
2014-03-12T14:06:11.048: Removing unreferenced raster type and overview instances
2014-03-12T14:06:11.050: Removed 163 mosaic dataset items and 1 unreferenced raster type instances.
2014-03-12T14:06:11.103: Completed synchronization: 163 items selected, 0 items synchronized.
2014-03-12T14:06:11.104: Processing duplicate mosaic dataset items
2014-03-12T14:06:11.105: Removed 0 duplicate mosaic dataset items.
Succeeded at Wed Mar 12 14:06:16 2014 (Elapsed Time: 18,56 seconds)

I can add rasters using "Raster Dataset" as Input Data and "*[0-9].TIF" wildcard as Input Data Filter, but this does not fill in parameters in the Footprint attribute table like 'Sun Azimuth' or 'OffNadir' contained in the *_metadata file for each scene. I suppouse ArcGIS uses these parameters for improving mosaic quality and display.
Any advice?