Finding slope from a raster mosaic

03-25-2014 08:42 AM
by Anonymous User
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I am ultimately trying to create a slope and aspect layer from a set of NED 30 meter images (a total of 35 tiles).  I typically do not work with raster data.  I am learning; however, I am now stuck and have some questions.

I have been able to create a mosaic dataset.  However, when I created a slope surface from the mosaic, using the Slope tool the image that is returned has no data and shows relics of the footprint (see image).  I have looked at adding functions to the mosaic dataset but the option for batch processing is grayed out meaning each tile would have to be done separately. Did I miss something when I created the raster mosaic and could have added slope and aspect functions before adding the raster data?

My client would also like to convert each of the mosaiced raster layers of elevation, slope, and aspect to a vector layer of elevation, slope, and aspect.  Can that be accomplished in the mosaic dataset?

Finally, there is a strange sets of polygons in the footprint.  I can live with it (I think) because it doesn't appear to impact the actual mosaic (see second image).  Are these polygons a problem?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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