LayerDefinition length

Discussion created by thx1137 on Mar 4, 2014

We have moved from ArcGIS JS 2.1 to 3.8 and I have now noticed that when using a long LayerDefinition clause it doesn't do anything however subsequent map operations such as pan or zoom then raise stack exceptions (IE 9 though Chrome doesn't work either) until I reset the LayerDefinition to the default. It looks to me like the LayerDefinition is limited to 512 or so characters.

ArcGIS 2.1 also does not work for large layer definition queries but we don't seem to get stack exception in that version. It fails silently.

The definition query is of the form "OBJECTID IN (1,2,3,4,...)"

We have the proxy configured via and and this seems to work for the rest of the map functionality.

Is this a known or expected limitation?