Deep questions about ArcGIS JS

Discussion created by mjweyland on Feb 27, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2014 by btfou
I am wondering what the avenue of communication is to speak directly with someone at ArcGIS for information on the JS tool set.

I have a large RIA application currently leveraging google maps API, TypeScript, and Bootstrap.  However with some of the new features requested by the team, we may be pushing the boundaries of what the current tool can handle, so I'm looking at options for transitioning to different technologies.

Some of the questions I'd like to try to get to the answer for are:
- If given a demo, could someone truly attest to the feasibility of replicating the same functionality in ArcGIS? Not a sales person, but a legit technology person.
- How does ArcGIS play with TypeSript?
- Will there be a DefinitelyTyped dictionary file for ArcGIS be available
- If this is using Dojo as an equivelant to require or MEF.  Will those other downloaded js files also have dictionaries?
- Can I use GeoJSON to build my overlays for a map (mapping DMAs, Postal Codes, Sub-Postal Codes, etc.)
- How does the tool handle multi-polygon goegraphies?
- Can the tool support dynamic changes to the map and its contents, overlays, markers, iconography etc, fill colors, border colors, transparancy, opacity, etc.