Editor Tracking option when editing a local copy

Discussion created by ldonahue on Feb 21, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2014 by pts3
If you publish a FGDB as a feature service to ArcGIS Online, you can enable editor tracking at the ArcGIS Online end of things.

When you edit these features in AGOL, it will keep track of creation date and edit date for you.  And note, those fields were not part of the FGDB featureclass schema when I created the feature service.

Why is it that when you connect to your hosted content from 10.2 desktop, sign into AGOL from ArcCatalog, and add that feature service to ArcMap for making a local copy and then synchronize your edits, the editor tracking information does not go with it back to the feature service online?

I'm signed in, so I guess I thought my AGOL login info would go back with it when synchronizing?  But when I identify the feature using one of the AGOL web maps, there is nothing listed for creation date or edit date for the feature I edited.