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Adding a button to dgrid

Question asked by mrogers83 on Feb 18, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2014 by kenbuja
Hi all. I am trying to add a button to the dgrid so that the user sees a magnifying glass instead of the objectid, since I don't want the end-user to see the objectid. I tried adding the following code:

window.grid = new (declare([Grid, Selection]))({           
// use Infinity so that all data is available in the grid           
bufferRows: Infinity,           
columns: {             
  "id": {"label": "ID", "formatter": makeZoomButton},           
  "vehicleId": "Vehicle ID",             
  "velocity": { "label": "Speed (MPH)", "formatter": dojoNum.format },
  "timestamp": {"label": "Last Contact", "formatter": formatTimestamp}
}, "grid");

function makeZoomButton(e){
zBtn = "<div data-dojo-type = 'dijit/form/Button'><img src='images/zoom.png'";
zBtn = zBtn + "width='14' height='14'";
zBtn = zBtn + "onClick=\"selectUnit('"+e+"')\"></div>";
return zBtn

I already had this existing code for zooming to the feature:

grid.on(".field-id:click", selectUnit);

function selectUnit(e) {           
// select the feature
var flzoom = map.getLayer("units");
var query = new Query();           
query.objectIds = [parseInt(];           
flzoom.selectFeatures(query, FeatureLayer.SELECTION_NEW, function(result) {             
  if ( result.length ) {
   point = result
   // re-center the map to the selected feature         [0].geometry, 100);
   } else {               
   console.log("Feature Layer query returned no features... ", result);             

The existing code works when the id field doesn't have a formatter, but when I insert the formatter, the grid still shows up, but when I try to click on the magnifying glass, it gives this error: SCRIPT5009: 'selectUnit' is undefined

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!