Beginner Coding Question -  Combining Map Types

Discussion created by shannoncox on Feb 14, 2014
I am very new to the developments world, but I am developing a mobile-friendly JavaScript site.
I have been playing around with the ArcGIS sample code and am looking for guidance in how to combine different features. Eventually I will be using dynamic layers in combination with ArcGIS for Server, but currently, I am simply loading a webmap created with ArcGIS online.

For example, I created a site to load some point data that I have and customized the pop up window using:
I am trying to also add the functionality to geolocate the user using:

Where I get stuck is in combining these, as the mobile popup uses something like this:
map = new Map("map", {
          basemap: "oceans",
          center: [-85.957, 17.140],
          zoom: 2

But the geolocator uses something like this:
map = new PopupMobile(null, domConstruct.create("div"));
          arcgisUtils.createMap("661826977c5948eca3c55276fa1b0960", "map",{

            mapOptions: {
              center: [-59.48,44.066],
              zoom: 4,
              infoWindow: map

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

WebMap being used:
Current site:
Attempt at combining site with geolocation with no results: