View REST descriptions for secure services in webmap

Discussion created by simon.ross on Feb 14, 2014
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We have a custom javascript application template (built up from the basic viewer template) that we're using to view ArcGIS Online webmaps.  Each webmap typically contains more than one dynamic map service (hosted on our own ArcGIS Server 10.1 instance). 

When referencing the services in ArcGIS Online our preference is to embed the secure login credentials.  When we do this the url shown in ArcGIS Online is no longer referenced to our server (i.e. http://mycompany/arcgis/rest/services) but instead points to

What we would like to be able to do in the application is provide users the ability to view both map service and layer descriptions (visible in our rest directory) so for example a user can click on the map service or layer name in the map contents and see a pop-up window showing e.g. the description, copyright, extent; but not having to go to a new browser window and view in rest.

Have spent some time reviewing samples, the API reference and testing but have not been able to retrieve any of this information.  If we don't embed the secure credentials in ArcGIS Online then we can at least query the correct rest url but can't use this to get the selected rest information we require.  Any advice on how to tackle this (or even better, an actual solution!) would be welcome