IdentityManager via http (non-SSL)

Discussion created by btfou on Feb 10, 2014
The scenario:
1) two internal servers: one for AGS & SDE and one hosting web apps
2) no SSL because its all internal
3) FeatureServer(s) secured to control who can edit what
4) user selects service to edit and the layer is added and editing initiated
5) when application test deployed on AGS machine, identity manager popups and works fine via http
6) when deployed on the other machine (with proxy setup and tested), identity manager doesn't even initialize, i.e. no esri.IdentityManager or when secured service added

The reference says:
To prevent this the Identity Manager requires that you use POST over https to ensure your credentials are secure.

I want to override this behavior. How?

If not I'll just create my own login, but that's what I'm trying to get away from.