Media Query Blog post by Chris Mahlke from 2012, updated to AMD?

Discussion created by schlot on Feb 6, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2014 by kenbuja
There was a blog post written by Chris Mahlke a while back that described how to apply media queries in your code to be more responsive to various screen resolutions and sizes.

There was also a place to download the entire sample.  It works as-is, but I was hoping to rewrite it in AMD-style.  I've started over twice and I'm not having any luck.  I'm lost in a few different places:  I'm not sure about the mobile style sheets, they are several versions back and the overall paths I know have changed.  I'm also not sure about the AMD equivalent of
dojo.requireIf("!dojo.isWebKit, "");

Maybe I should just require it, rather than having any sort of 'if'? 

Does anybody remember this posting?  And maybe updated it with AMD-style instead?