Adding Url value to redirecting users to different page

Discussion created by begeiste on Feb 5, 2014
I am a new comer here. Could anyone please help me to add the urls in the js file? Not sure where should I put them on the js file. This is the html tag below:
<div class="row" style="margin-bottom: 10px;"><input type="submit" value="Login" name="btnSubmit" class="submitLogin" onClick="checkRealm()" /></div>
And the requests are below:Add realm strings (Realm strings must be passed in on the login page in order to tell JuniperNetworks application which realm to direct the user to)
�?� Intranet - Full: realm-js-tfa-full �?� Intranet - Split: realm-js-tfa-split �?� Mission: realm-mnet-tfa �?� Research: realm-rn-tfa �?� BrowserRAS: realm-js-tfa-browser
Note: The onClick event in LoginPage.thml triggers the �??checkRealm()�?� function to check which realm string to post. �??js/jquery-custom.js�?� is the file that contains the realm string logic. It is outdated, so you will need to update the code to calculate which realm string to post to the JuniperNetworks application.
I am not where I am suppose to add those realm strings on js file below:
function checkRealm() {     var realmString = '';  var accessString = '';  var tunnelString = '';    // check login method  if(document.forms["frmLogin"].loginMethod.value !== '') {   if(document.forms["frmLogin"].loginMethod.value == '0') {    var realmString = "realm-jpl-password";    }   else {    var realmString = "realm-jpl-tfa";   }  }  // check access mode for VPN or Browser Only  //if(document.forms["frmLogin"].accessMode.value !== '') {   if(document.forms["frmLogin"].accessMode[0].checked == true) {        // add conditionals here to check for full or split (for client);    if(document.forms["frmLogin"].tunnelMode[0].checked == true) {     var tunnelString = "-full";     }    else if(document.forms["frmLogin"].tunnelMode[1].checked == true) {     var tunnelString = "-split";     }       }   else if(document.forms["frmLogin"].accessMode[1].checked == true) {    var accessString = "-browser";   }  //}    // add the strings together  var fullRealmString = realmString.concat(accessString, tunnelString);      // add the fullrealmstring to post  document.getElementById("realm").value = fullRealmString;    //post everything  function post_to_url(path, params, method) {   method = method || "post"; // Set method to post by default, if not specified.     // The rest of this code assumes you are not using a library.   // It can be made less wordy if you use one.   var form = document.createElement("form");   form.setAttribute("method", method);   form.setAttribute("action", path);     for(var key in params) {    if(params.hasOwnProperty(key)) {     var hiddenField = document.createElement("input");     hiddenField.setAttribute("type", "hidden");     hiddenField.setAttribute("name", key);     hiddenField.setAttribute("value", params[key]);       form.appendChild(hiddenField);     }   }     document.body.appendChild(form);   form.submit();  }    }
Any helps would be greatly appreciated!! Beckmann