New Problem - Cannot export feature class to or from GDB

Discussion created by bgonzo on Jan 29, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2014 by bgonzo
Within the past month, I've started experiencing problems with exporting data from either an mxd or another gdb, to a gdb. Or, importing shapefiles to a gdb. I get an error like:

"Error exporting data.
The item was not found. [ItemType:
The table was not found. [feature class name] <- "feature class name" is of course the name of any feature class I try and export.

This started shortly before Christmas, I've not had any problems before that. As I mentioned, I cannot even import shapefiles into thegdb, I can export files out of the gdb as a .shp or even export from the mxd to a .shp but no into a gdb.

Currenty, I am using Win7 with ArcGis 10.0.

Any help of course would be greatly appreciated.