Geoprocessing Task Result GPRecordSet features array empty

Discussion created by bdister on Jan 27, 2014
In 10.1 I have developed a Geoprocessing Service using Model Builder that outputs a table as a GPRecordSet. It works fine on desktop. Publishing works, and I can pass input parameters w/o problem as user-defined values.

When I retrieve the results everything looks ok, the 'value' contains and lists the output 'fields' correctly, however the features array appears to be empty and it's length is reported as 0.
data type of paramResult = GPRecordSet
parameter name = DepthTable
features length = 0

I had earlier set the the model to return a feature class as a GPFeatureRecordSetLayer, which demonstrated the identical behavior where the returned result appeared fine, but the features array was empty. So it may be an issue creating the model or publishing the service.

Any suggestions on what is causing this error and how to proceed?