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Question asked by jay.kapalczynski on Jan 18, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2014 by hselbie
I am running through some tutorials and having an issue

I am trying to use the Web Map Id they said you can in the example and then the map vanishes.  I dont know how to get another one I can use.
I assume that the web map id is not working....what else can I be doing wrong
If you haven't created a web map yet, you can use 1a40fa5cc1ab4569b79f45444d728067 for testing.

require([       "esri/map",       "esri/arcgis/utils",       "dojo/domReady!"       ], function(Map, arcgisUtils){       arcgisUtils.createMap("1a40fa5cc1ab4569b79f45444d728067", "mapDiv").then(function (response) {           map =;          });   });

If I use this from the first example then the map shows up fine

map = new Map("mapDiv", { center: [-77.4329, 37.5410], zoom: 6, basemap: "streets"

<script>   var map;     require(["esri/map", "esri/arcgis/utils", "esri/dijit/Legend", "dojo/domReady!"     ], function(Map, arcgisUtils, Legend ) {          arcgisUtils.createMap("1a40fa5cc1ab4569b79f45444d728067", "mapDiv").then(function (response) {    map =;           var legend = new Legend({       map: map,        layerInfos:(arcgisUtils.getLegendLayers(response))     }, "legendDiv");          legend.startup();         });         }); </script>