Javascript sample viewer - Print task error

Discussion created by ganeshssac on Jan 15, 2014
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Hi Guys
I have downloaded the JavaScript sample viewer application and I was trying to customizing the print task with our organisation own service to create print web maps. when I use the default print service below  from ArcGIS online 

it works perfectly fine.
When I change the printurl property to own print service, it doesn't work. It comes up with error message saying request time exceeded.

I am wondering it might due the proxy settings on my application . Although I followed the procedure as per JavaScript api references proxy settings user guide,  and changed the  config proxyUrl Property in the index.html to : "/proxy/proxy.ashx"

and then in the common.config.js file - changed printTask url property:"to my own print service"

Even though setting all the proxy, it comes with request time exceeded.

I just wanted to ask is there any better way to check whether we implemented on the webserver is communicating well with the application. Can anyone give me guide to check how to test proxy is working properly.