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Geocoder widget placeholder text not showing up in Internet Explorer

Question asked by jeremymanning on Jan 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2014 by odoe
I'm building a map application with the latest version of the JS API (3.8) and am using the Geocoder to consume my own geocoding service (see code below). I've assigned the placeholder text attribute a value of "Find address" and it shows up just fine in the search box in Chrome, Firefox, iOS, Android, etc. but does not show up at all with Internet Explorer. Is this a known bug and if so is there any workaround?

var myGeocoders = [{
url: "//",
name: "CastleRockAddressLocator",
placeholder: "Find address"}];

var geocoder = new Geocoder({
map: map,
arcgisGeocoder: false,
minCharacters: 6,
autoComplete: true,
showResults: true,
autoNavigate: false,
geocoders: myGeocoders},"search");