migrating from http to https

Discussion created by vish1989 on Jan 9, 2014
I am maintaining an website with a MS SQL Database and Arcgis server 10.1 for maps. The website is currently in http, and I am trying to migrate to HTTPS. I managed to purchase an SSL certificate, configured my IIS server and also changed my codes wherever necessary. I have managed to almost migrate to https, but there is just one problem...I cannot access the map services on my site. I can see the map, but my mapping interface is not displayed on the maps.

In my ASP code, There were a few links related to arcgis website (general things like css, al), and I could easily convert them to https just by renaming http to https, but there were some other links which were on my domain (like So my question how to convert them to https ?

I have managed to install my SSL certificates in the arcgis admin, change the mode to 'http and https', and also enabled and selected the appropriate web ssl. Can someone please help me. Sorry for my noob questions, the arcgis server was installed by someone else, and I have been using arcgis since 2 days. Thanks.

I am desperate to get the problem solved, so I thought I would take the initiative to try to explain again.

So I have a custom map service which is currently running from an internal win 2008 using the GIS Server. Currently,

When I switch over to https, I am not able to access my map service. Currently, I have selected the "http and https"  protocol. The problem is that my map service works in http, but when I try running the https site, the map services dont work. I have tried almost everything from the resources, but nothing seems to work.

One thing I haven't tried is changing from GIS Server to web adapter. Would that make any difference ??