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Can a feature layer with a feature collection be time-aware?

Question asked by tligon on Jan 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2014 by tligon
As usual, apologies up front because I can't post my code from our intranet...I create a feature layer by creating graphics based on info coming from our server. Here's the flow:

  • start and end times are determined by cycling through the data

  • the layer is declared with a mode of SNAPSHOT

  • the layer is added to the map

  • a graphics array is added to the layer using applyEdits

  • a time extent is created using the start and end times

  • the map's time extent is set using the time extent

  • I have tried applying the time extent to the layer, but I get a console message stating that feature collection layers do not support definition expressions or time definitions

  • the time slider's time stops are set from the time extent

  • the time slider has a single thumb

  • the time slider is started

At this point all the data loaded into the feature layer is displayed. Changes to the time slider have no effect on the feature layer. Hoping that I've missed something, because the only thing not working in this entire process of integrating the time slider is the temporal filtering of the layer's data.