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Offset points for same location in map viewer

Question asked by BrianHovis on Jan 4, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2014 by BrianHovis
I have been using the "Open in Explorer" option to update my web map.  I am now using map viewer.  The map ( shows historic locations.  The "Combined Location" layer shows all historic locations and is symbolized as an orange dot.  Each of the locations can have several other themes. I show the themes by creating a series of individuashapefiles (derived from the "Combined Location" layer) that I then add to my web map.  The themes I symbolize with stick pins.  That way, there might be a stick pin sticking out of the "Combined Location" dot. 

This all worked fine in "Open in Explorer," but for some reason map viewer creates an offset of the two points, which is not the effect I want.  Is there a way to change settings so that the stick pin and dot can be at the same location?  Thanks for your help, I am hoping there is an easy fix.