Select with Feature Layer issue

Discussion created by jfedor on Dec 31, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2014 by jfedor
I???m brand new at developing with dojo and ArcGIS, so bear with me.  But I am sure enjoying what I am learning so far! 

I looked through some other posts; but didn???t find someone with exactly the same issue I???ve had.  I???ve been attempting to create a project very similar to the ???Select with Feature Layer??? example in the Samples (under ???Query and Select???).  

When I click on the ???View Live Sample??? link for this example, it works as expected.   I can click on the map, and a circle is drawn.  Then within the circle???s radius little pink dots appear for the different lots.  

After I tried it online, I downloaded the source code; and attempted to run the web page on my own box, and then from our server.  But in both cases the result was the same:  I could click on the map, and the circle was drawn, but no pink dots appeared inside of it. 

I thought I would also try using ???Explore in the sandbox???.  But I experienced the very same problem. 
What could I be missing?  Do I need to have my own copy of a certain file with the data for the pink dots?