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simple example of making a join in a dynamic layer

Question asked by dnc on Dec 27, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2013 by dnc
So, according to esri, since 10.1, we can make joins programmaticaly when using dynamic layers:

"Dynamic layers
Dynamic layers allow clients to change layer appearance and behavior on the fly in a map service. Using dynamic layers, you can do the following things:
Define which layers will appear in a map.
Define whether labels will appear for a layer.
Define layer symbology.
Define how layers are rendered (simple, unique value, class breaks).
Define the position and order of layers in the map.
Remove an existing layer from the map.
Add a new layer to the map.
Modify joins to an existing layer/table.
Add joins to an existing layer/table.
Add joins to a new layer/external table.

Can anyone please share a simple example?? No matter what I do can't make this work!!