permision level on sde dataset , feature layer , feature layer fields

Discussion created by anwar1 on Dec 26, 2013
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hi all
I am working on a project that targets a none professional users for high level functionalities
in my project I am to build a module to control SDE administration work , and I have some Q's
       1. I suggested building the application as a desktop based application rather than to be a web based , cause I think there will be lots of trade-offs if iam to use web , trade-offs related transactions that are highly critical ,,,,,, can anyone advice for that ? and if you can , can you send me the specific critical/danger point's trade-offs
       2. I know that the policy of ESRI SDE is that privileges are given for the dataset level , not for feature layer nor feature layer field , can you help me if its possible to achieve that with some other way like using Oracle commands ? and if it wont make any collisions if I use it ? ,,,,,, if not and its no way to achieve that , can you point me to some official ESRI documentation that state's "its impossible"  to do it

please help me ASAP , its urgent so I can decide what to do

thanks all for the help in advance