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08-24-2011 04:49 AM
by Anonymous User
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Hello -

I have a number of DGNs that I am importing to ArcGIS. Normally I view the DGNs in ArcCatalog, right-click on them and export them to shapefile and all goes well. I have one file, a polyline, however, that does not want to co-operate. Whichever way I try to import or export the file, I lose the attributes in the Layer field, rendering the file useless. I have viewed the file in Bentley's Viewer and see that the attributes are all there in the DGN file

Methods I've used to import (unsuccessfully) include:
- In ArcCatalog, right-clicking on the file and choose Export, either to Geodatatabase or Shapefle
- In ArcToolbox, going to Data Interoperability Tools > Quick Import
- In ArcToolbox, going to Conversion Tools > To Shapefile > Feature Class to Shapefile (multiple)
- In ArcToolbox, going to Conversion Tools > To Coverage > Feature Class to Coverage
Any other other suggestions?
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Try adding it as a layer to your mxd:
Right click on the polyline layer under the dgn group in the table of contents,
Click on data
Export all data
This will create a shapefile of all of the data in that polyline file.
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Original User: jamestort

Well We tried a couple different methods in bring in DGN's. Working in the transportation field the biggest problem would be missing line work. The missing line work is usually caused by Bspline elements.

So the best way to deal with this is to do a save as/ change file ext. to .dwg . before you re-save it go to options on your save as dialogue box > Go to Entity Mapping and make sure  that nothing says Spline Entity.

after that save it and then add file as a layer. It should come right in.

If that does not work, then save the dgn file down to microstation 7 file.
That usually works too..
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The best way I have found is to create a Feature Class and use the ArcCatalog Load => Load Data function, import the fields from the applicable part of the .dgn file and work from there.
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