problem with ResponseProperties.ResponseDataType in REST SOE

Discussion created by pkhanal on Jul 9, 2010
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So I really like the concept of supporting REST in SOE and I have been working on it since past couple of months.
Basically I am following the presentation - Extending AGS Services Using .NET to develop SOE that provides REST services. I was looking for an option where i can stream the image in the output response.
I used ResponseProperties.ResponseDataType = esriWebResponseDataType.esriWRDTFileToReturn in an operation and returned the file name from the operation. The ESRI server gives an error saying Could not find a part of the path. I tried many possible combinations. I thought giving an absolute path such as "c:\arcgisoutput\test.jpg" should work but doing so gives c:\ is not a virtual path. I think ESRI server use Response.TransmitFile to stream the file contents back to the client. Where does the ESRI server looks for the file. Shouldn't giving the absolute file path work?