Geostatistical layer to raster empty

Discussion created by skienast on Dec 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2014 by skienast
I'm running ArcGIS 10.1 and have been using the Geostatistical Wizard to create an interpolation layer using ordinary kriging. The Wizard has successfully run the kriging operation and produced a geostatistical layer output, which looks quite reasonable. However, when I try to export the GA layer to a raster (I've tried both GA Layer to Grid and Data->Export to Raster from the TOC) the resulting raster is empty. The range of the raster layer as shown in the TOC is -3.4...e+038 to 3.4...e+038, and when I open the properties for the layer, no summary stats are shown. Calculating Statistics is not doing anything, it runs, but doesn't change the summary stats and the raster still appears empty. The projection information of the original point data and the output raster match. This is the first time I've use the Geostatical Analyst in version 10+, so I don't know if I'm just missing one simple thing...Please advise!