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Breaks rendering issues with decimal fields

Question asked by azendel on Dec 16, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2013 by kenbuja
I've got an otherwise functional version of this sample:   But I'm also seeing this issue in the maps, including this one.  In this map, the counties are rendered based on the single precision PercentVacantHousingUnits field.   According to ArcMap, the value in this field for Loudon County (the county that's not displayed) is 8.741081.  The legend in the map shows the bottom cut off value for lowest class is 8.7411.  I'm not sure if that degree of rounding is just in the legend display or if it's the actual minimum value of the class.  I'm guessing the latter is the case since it's not displaying.  This same problem is occurring in my 'from scratch' JS map as well that's based on the sample above.

Is this a know issue?  Is there a work around?  Is the code in this post a 'patch' to this problem? 

This seems to be a bug.  If it is, has anybody submitted a ticket for it?  I imagine that many other people could be impacted by this problem - thematic mapping is a common use of web maps.

Thanks in advance for any insight.