Getting list of services from ArcGIS Online

Discussion created by nobleach on Dec 12, 2013
Up until this morning, I was able to receive a list of private services on my ArcGIS Online account by having my server authenticate to ESRI (using my app id) and pass back a token to append to my URLs. I would then hit the RESTful endpoint to obtain a list in the JSON format. (<myIdForAGOL>/arcgis/rest/services?f=json&token=<really long string>)

Now it returns a JSON object with an empty array. I can remove f=json and see the services in the HTML view, so I know they're there. My guess is that the token is too long for a GET request and adding f=json truncates a part of the token.

Is there any other way to get a list of my services in JSON format programmatically?