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Extent env. ignored by Select Layer by Attribute

Question asked by CCStormwater on Dec 12, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2013 by jskinner-esristaff
I tried refreshing an old post (Select Layer by Attribute with Extent environment parameter) on this topic, but it doesn't seem to be attracting any attention.  I'm trying to restrict a Select Layer by Attribute to my display extent.  This is clearly outlined on the help page (3rd bullet pt).  No matter how I use the tool (stand-alone, in a model, via Python) it always selects everything.

Since I want to select everything in the current display extent I'm using this SQL expression:   "OID" = "OID"

This seems like such a handy feature that I find it hard to believe others haven't had this problem, so I'm wondering if it's me.

10.1, Win 7 64

PS: I'm curious if others have this problem, but I'll green check anyone who gives me an alternate "Select All in Display" tool/method. (obviously this is going to be geo-processed so "use the mouse" will not get a green check  :)