ArcGIS Online - Using Spatial Analysis Service From JS API

Discussion created by shaun_weston-eagle-co-nz-esridist on Dec 9, 2013
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I'm trying to use one of the spatial analysis services from a javascript app I've built, but having some issues. I'd like to use this service:

nd have a ArcGIS Online developer account. I basically have some code to request a token and send it with a featureset to this service and this is the reponse I get back from the service:

inputs: {}

jobId: "j8c0cb0dbe6814e5b9ec3b29e8885da8f"

jobStatus: "esriJobFailed"

messages: [{type:esriJobMessageTypeError,�?�},�?�]

0: {type:esriJobMessageTypeError,�?�}

description: "{"messageCode": "AO_100007", "message": "FindHotSpots failed."}"

type: "esriJobMessageTypeError"

1: {type:esriJobMessageTypeError, description:Failed to execute (FindHotSpots).}

description: "Failed to execute (FindHotSpots)."

type: "esriJobMessageTypeError"

2: {type:esriJobMessageTypeError, description:Failed.}

description: "Failed."

type: "esriJobMessageTypeError"

results: {}

it's pretty vague, so I don't where it's going wrong, whether my inputs are wrong or what?

Anyone know?