Querying and Reporting multiple tables database

Discussion created by anna.serafini27 on Dec 8, 2013
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I have to create a database with information on Scottish buildings from 17 and 18 centuries. In order for my data to be searchable I need to have a series of tables connected with 1 to many relationships. Each building must be positioned on a map, which will have other layers like geo-referenced historic maps, and other features, like industries that supply materials needed for the building's conservation, etc... The database will be continuously used and updated. I was using Access, but I found that the connection with ArcGIS was not ideal:  either I had to export from Access and Import in ArcGIS a single table or query, or I had to create an OLE DB connection, which isn't able to "read" the relations between the tables. Therefore I thought doing all the database directly in ArcGIS would be better. I created different tables connected with realtionship classes, and one of them has X Y coordinates that give me the position of the buildings. The problem is I can't query more than one table at a time, nor create a report from more than one table at a time. what am I doing wrong? I'm new to databases and to both Access and ArcGIS, so any suggestions are welcome. Thank you.