Oculus Rift and CityEngine

Discussion created by zearcaro on Dec 6, 2013
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I am a regular user of many ESRI products but am new to CityEngine.  Our lab is using the Oculus Rift with other applications but I would like to get it working with CityEngine.   Specifically, I would like to "walk" through a city generated by CityEngine and look around using the Oculus Rift.  I have come across a few demo examples of what I am looking to do, so I know it is possible (see links below).  However, I have been unable to find anything online (forum/blog/video tutorial/etc) that might help a CityEngine newcomer to setup something similar.
SIGGRAPH2013 attendee video
IDEAbuilder application (found in another forum thread)
ESRI demo in French

Any advice on getting this working on a local machine would be appreciated.  I am working with CE Advanced and the Oculus Dev Kit.