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TabContainer event

Question asked by dkampe on Dec 6, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2013 by kenbuja
I am developing an application with 4 tabs on the left and a map served by ArcGIS Online(AGOL) on the right. What I want to do is when tab1 is active (focused), I want the webmap to be webmap1. When the user clicks tab2 I want the webmap to change to webmap2, and so on.

This is seemingly a simple task, but I cannot find enough documentation for a novice like me to understand how to make this happen. Here's a bit of code starting the initial map that works correctly:

var webmap = "e1cff258e4674ab1985e2303106b0cc8"; arcgisUtils.createMap(webmap,"mapDiv").then(function (response){ map =; });

What if want is to make myvariable webmap dependent upon the active tab:

var webmap = (if{"e1cff258e4674ab1985e2303106b0cc8"} (else if{"3dea9137545e41eb8d4877ac8970294f"} etc. etc. etc....

Can anyone help me with this?