Multiple Machine ArcGIS Server Site Extension Licensing

Discussion created by pmbushore on Dec 5, 2013
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I recently called ESRI Customer Support to talk to them regarding an issue we had on a previous deployment of ArcGIS For Server 10.2.

The scenario was that there would be two GIS Server machines and GISMACHINE1 would have no additional extensions enabled while GISMACHINE2 would have a couple other extensions licensed (3D for Server, Wokflow Manager whatever).  This was done primarily with the thought of decreasing overall costs as well as load balancing.  We created a GIS SITE on GISMACHINE1 and added GISMACHINE2 to the same site, in the same cluster.

We experienced errors and tried to move GISMACHINE2 to its own cluster but we still had errors when trying to send extension-specific requests to the site.

We ended up having to create two GIS Sites, one for each machine, and routed requests manually at the program level.

I contacted ESRI regarding this and they agreed with our findings:  All machines participating in the same GIS Site need to have the same extensions licensed in order for it to work correctly.

Has anyone had supporting experiences to this or different findings?  Would be appreciated to know either way.


-Paul Bushore