Use the output of one tool as the input of another in one iteration (Model Builder)

Discussion created by Jamari_L_Powers on Dec 4, 2013
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I am using Model Builder. I have used the 'Strip Map Index Features' (Cartography --> Data Driven Pages --> Strip Map Index Features) within Model Builder. Upon running it, it produces an output shapefile that has an attribute table. There are some fields in the attribute table that I want to hide or remove really. I tried to accomplish this using the 'Make Feature Layer' (Data Management --> Layers & Table Views --> Make Feature Layer). The 'Make Feature Layer' can take the outputted shapefile as its input and display a field map of which fields to show and hide;  creating another outputted shapefile with an attribute table of the selected attributes.

Only problem is that this can't be accomplished in one step / iteration. YOu have to wait until the Strip Map Index Features tool is done running and produces the output file. You can then use this file as input to the Make Feature Layer tool. I'm curious to see if there is a way or method to connect two tools together like this to view only specific fields that you choose in the attribute table,

Any help on this topic would be of great help. I've already consulted one "Esri guru" on this matter but his solution relied on validation scripts to expose the attribute list. Not sure if I'd be able to accomplish this. Would need more direction.

Thanks in advance.