How do I best manage database connections and locks?

Discussion created by cprgeoadmin on Nov 27, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2013 by alexlcc
I am using the geodata.sde database to store data that gets accessed by my web services.  I have connected to it in ArcCatalog using the default "owner" account (with a new password of course) and add/manage tables and feature classes that way.

I am constantly getting issues where I cannot delete a feature class or table because of an existing lock by "owner".  The only way to resolve this is to restart the entire Amazon EC2 instance.  Restarting the ArcGIS Server instance via. the Manager doesn't work, nor does rebooting my machine.  There are no other possible outside connections causing this lock.

So I'm curious about some best practices, known issues, or various solutions to making sure this doesn't keep happening.  Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong or what I should investigate?