change renderer for dynamic map service

Discussion created by xajhqffl on Nov 19, 2013
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Hello Everyone and ESRI,

I'm trying to change the symbology of a dynamic map layer. It already has the GenerateRendererTask enabled.

And actually, I got the renderer object back from GenerateRendererTask, but the color of the map does not change...

In the renderer object, there is one field "_symbols", it has all the class breaks and symbol object (including color,style,type). I applied this renderer object to the dynamic map layer using following code


Does anyone have any ideas about this?
What else I need to check? or Is there any way I can troublshoooooting this?

Compared to the renderer object from (http://developers.arcgis.com/en/javascript/sandbox/sandbox.html?sample=renderer_dynamic_layer_change_attribute) which works,
I found in my renderer object, it does not have the field "_inherited"...which seems to have a few functions inside. That is probably the problem. But I have no idea about why this happened?????????