adding feature using REST API

Discussion created by chiru1984 on Nov 13, 2013
Hi all

i have a feature layerEMPLOYEE

and i tried to add the feature using the REST API

and input as

{"geometry":{"x":13.25,"y":76.4},"attributes":{"employeeId":123,"Address":"#9/10, 2nd main, 7th Main, Vijaynagar,Bangalore,Karnataka,560040","employeeName":"Tester"}}

Where the geometry is the lat/long which i gave the India's some place lat/long

My Issue is:
1: It is showing some where near Africa.. it is because of spatial reference problem.. how can i get X and Y from Lat/Long
2: I have address as feature attribute, Which REST API to use to add the feature on the map