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Discussion created by Riverside on Nov 8, 2013
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Per the Category Save MXDs:

The default behavior, when the /nosavemxd argument is not used, will save the job's map document in the Workflow Manager database. If your map documents are large, you may need to adjust the MAXBLOBSIZE SDE configuration setting.

Could you consider revising this text.  Very Confusing.

Also Per the Save MXD parameter, I am gathering that If I have the Save MXD checked then I should see the listing of the MXD in the
JTX_MAP_STORE table when the Step is triggered or finished.  I currently do not see the MXD in any of the tables.  Also if I set the Store MXDs in shared location parameter, what is the expected behavior?  I am expecting that when a MXD is Saved, then a copy is put here.  I assume these two parameters work in tandem.