Creating Custom Modules

Discussion created by ganeshssac on Nov 7, 2013
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Hi Guys,
When you start building a WEB GIS Mapping project, initially you start off with creating html, css and javascript file and you start to add lot of GIS functions within the javascript file. As your project grows big, you end up in getting large piece of code blocks in one single file, how do you manage your code in AMD style to organize them.

Do you create custom modules to manage them, to break your large files into multiple files. If anyone can provide a sample application to show how you have organized your code chunks using AMD  style, would be really appreciated.

Secondly, when you have  built your Web GIS mapping application, you normally test your GIS functionality (for eg. say., buffering, geoprocessing workflows) by testing them in your local server against various browser's (chrome, FF, IE) to see whether the code you have written in Javascript file works fine. The way of testing your  code by this method is called "Manual testing" in Unit testing framework. Am I right? If not, please correct me?

On top of this Manual testing, does anybody test your code using Automated testing? If so, which one you are using to test this? As a GIS developer, is it essential to know automated testing framework? If you don't know, how to do manual testing, is it a big problem?

Any help from an experienced GIS / software developer, would greatly help to understand me this? I am really confused with this?

Please ............. please ............. help me. Bring me out of this grey area?